Power requirement for Photobooth Printer Kodak 305

There only one case when our photoboooth from http://photobooth.co.id having electrical difficulties yet, and it turns out that the powerline from the house wasn’t sufficient enough to run our elecricity-hungry photobooth machine.

It was discovered when we’re printing, all the light bulb at the house would start flickering, and the printer won’t work properly. It threw out half-printed paper with lot’s of yellow tint ¬†on it, as it was unplugged while printing.

Well, simply said, what kind of printer consume 528 watt of power while printing? yes to my knowledge, there 2 type of printer that used that much of power. First, laser printer. And second, Dye-Sub Thermal Printer.

Dye Sub Thermal Printer, especially the one used in professional photo printer like the one we use, uses high power thermal head to dissolve thermal ribbon into the specially made photo paper. The heating element itself uses much of the energy required, let alone the main circuit board and all other electrical components inside.

The problem was solved after we decided to use a better (thicker) cable extension and find other outlet for the power source. Word of advice, make sure your vendor provide necessary power for all your equipment and also use a good cable extension

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